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Animal Activism in Victoria!

Welcome to the activism page - check our Events section for our next monthly meeting, as well as demonstrations and other activities.

Scroll down for our various campaigns, including the Oak Bay Deer, our efforts to Ban the Horse-Drawn Carriages, the UVic Club, the UVic Rabbits and Holiday literature. Also, check out our Vegan Buddies program.

Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages Campaign

Below are our PDF files on the Horse-Drawn Carriage campaign in the city:

Join our Facebook group page:

Working In Cooperation With:

Greater Victoria Deer Advocates

Join us in speaking up for local deer! We have a new page dedicated fully to the campaign, including the new Living With Deer booklet - check it out!

We have a club at the University, to promote our programs on campus, encourage activism and social activities among vegans, vegetarians, and other animal activists. Common activities include:

Our activites will generally be listed on the Events page, but best join the Announcements email list to keep up-t0-date.

Here's a list of relevant files:

Thanksgiving and Holidays (PDF files)

Also, check issues #11 and #14 of The Victoria Vegan for related articles and recipes for Thanksgiving.

UVic Rabbits

For the full story, please visit On Twitter? Follow @UVicRabbits. Join the Facebook group.

Read the published Letter to the Editor in Monday Magazine.

Below are PDF's of the materials we're providing for the campaign:

Vegan Parents